"The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure"
Kuchipudi Art Academy
With the main objective of reviving and revitalizing the pride of Indians at large and Telugus in particular, in its pristine purity, Kuchipudi Art Academy was started at Hyderabad in the year 1980 over a built up area of 5000sft. It was a long felt need that this dance form should find an abode in the Capital of Telugus. Smt. Sobha Naidu, easily the greatest exponent of this dance form and whose name inspires and evokes the happiest responses to every one of her performances has been the Principal¬† & Director of the Dance School. 
Within a short period, the Academy has come to be recognized as the premier Institution, in the capital of Andhra Pradesh. In recognition of eminent services rendered by the Academy, the Government of India have sanctioned a recurring grant for running the Dance School and also upgraded the Academy as one of the premier Art Academies in the country. 
Since its inception more than 2000 students all over the world had their training in Kuchipudi Art Academy directly or indirectly and training is being imparted free of charge to those who are poor and talented. Smt. Sobha Naidu's performance in U.S.S.R. on the occasion of Festival of India made Russian girls come all the way from Russia to learn Kuchipudi dance. Some of the students started institutions of their own in different countries and States. Besides Dance, Academy holds classes for Music and theory of Kuchipudi. A diploma of "Natya Visharada" is given to the trainee on completion of a dance course of three years. The aim of Academy is propagation of Kuchipudi dance. Training is also imparted to the students to appear for the certificate and diploma examination.
Academy has produced fifteen ballets to its credit for which Smt Sobha Naidu was appreciated for her versatile performances. In addition, more than 80 'Solo' items are also produced. The academy has residential accommodation for students coming from outside the State and Country. Not only dance, training is also being provided in the fields of music and painting to the students.
The academy has residential accommodation for students coming from outside the State and Country. Training is being imparted to students teaching music class.